The AGM is scheduled for March 30, 2020 at 6:00 PM (postponed).

The Lord Roberts Community Centre (LRCC), and its programs, is governed by a volunteer (unpaid) board of directors elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of its Members.

The elected positions are president, 1st, 2nd and 3rd vice-presidents, secretary, treasurer, canteen manager, and up to three members-at-large. The past president retains a seat on the board of director. Elections only occur for positions where there are more candidates for a position than there are positions available. Uncontested positions will be acclaimed.

Online Nomination Form

This year the Board has decided to trial an online nomination form to make it easier for members to declare their interest prior to the AGM.

Nomination Form Hard Copy

Hard copies of the nominations form can be downloaded here and will be available at LRCC and can be submitted in the drop box on the executive office door. 

In accordance with the Constitution which governs LRCC nominations for positions will still be accepted from the floor.

Nominate yourself now

Proposed Changes to the Constitution

In accordance Article 18 of the Lord Roberts Community Centre Constitution any amendments must be made at the Annual General Meeting. All amendments must be communicated to the membership no later than 15 days prior to the meeting. Constitutional amendments shall be posted on the Community Centre’s Bulletin Board and website.

Amendments to the Constitution shall require a minimum of two-thirds majority of the members in attendance at the Annual General Meeting.
The Board of Directors is proposing the following three amendments:

  • Motion to change notice of meeting requirement from being posted in a local newspaper to being posted on the LRCC outdoor sign, website and social media accounts 30 days in advance.

Reaching people using a classified ad is ineffective. Members have asked for a modernization of our communications and outreach by more actively utilizing social media and our website. This amendment ensures future Boards continue to move towards modernization. It does not prohibit the use of classified ads in papers or other tools.

  • Motion to rename the canteen manager position as canteen chair.

This change is to more appropriately reflect on how the canteen is operated. The term canteen manager has caused issues and confusion regarding who is responsible for the day to day operations of the canteen versus who is responsible for ensuring accountability of the canteen.

  • Motion to reduce quorum for an Annual General Meeting from 25 to 15.

Quorum is needed to ensure the election of a Board of Directors and to approve any Constitutional amendments. In the past it has been difficult to ensure that quorum is achieved resulting in no Board appointments or changes. In the event an AGM does not reach quorum then it is rescheduled to a date within 30 days of the original meeting and quorum will still need to be met. Lowering the quorum number will allow for increased likelihood of reaching quorum at the AGM so that business can continue. This is consistent with other community centers who have struggled to make quorum.