Find all the elves in Lord Roberts and get your name entered to win a board game – perfect to keep you busy during the winter break!

How do you play?

  1. Check the map so you know the boundaries of your search area.
  2. Download our list of clues so you know how to find each elf.
  3. Head outside and find the elves!
  4. Make sure to snap a photo of your child with any of the elf signs, you’ll need it to win a prize.
  5. Fill in the online entry form or email a copy of the completed clue sheet with your photo to

Clue Sheet and Entry Form

Download and print the list of clues. We have a full color and a black and white option.


There are prizes to be won in each of the age groups: Ages 5-6, Ages 7-8, Ages 9-10, Ages 11-12 and Ages 13+


Deadline for entries is December 20 (Contactless prize drop off between Dec 21 and Dec 23)