Hi, this story is all about community.

The Lord Roberts Community Centre is at the heart of the Fort Rouge municipal district of Winnipeg, and represents over 5000 community members in Lord Roberts, as well as provides programs and services to over 21,000 community members in the greater Fort Rouge area, which is estimated to add another 4000+ residents once the Rapid Transit line developments are completed in the next two years.

Our community centre wants to challenge the community centre scene, to build programming, expand facilities, and invigorate our community members with new and exciting opportunities to engage in active and communal oriented events at the centre, that will continue to make our facility, and your facility, an important part of all our community needs.

Our board and community supporters have clearly shown us through previous engagements, that after two years of the pandemic, they are ready to roll up their sleeves to bring us back together. This story is about the vast potential of the Lord Roberts Community Centre and how you can be part of that going forward.

What We Know

We know that community centres are a vital part of every community, because they offer a meeting place, programs for kids and adults to learn, a place to celebrate special occasions, and are vital in coordinating indoor and outdoor sports for all ages.

Community centres are at the core of the health of communities. They are a place to meet your neighbours, find common interests, learn about what people need and want, and most importantly, they offer a place for everyone to embrace their neighbourhood, and for some, an entry point for volunteering to give back to the community.

Our community centre will continue to rely on these volunteers, and partnerships with our business community, and neighbouring community centres to create complementary programming, and host events that appeal to the broader membership of the Fort Rouge area.

Who We Are

The Lord Roberts Community Centre is a Winnipeg community centre run by a volunteer board of directors made up of residents from the neighbourhood. We’re a cross-section of members that grew up here, moved here recently, or have been here for a generation, each committed to making this place the best place for our families.

Our mission at the LRCC is to provide a broad range of recreational and leisure activities for persons of all ages residing in the Lord Roberts area, as well as to surrounding communities of the City of Winnipeg, through the management and operation of the facilities and grounds.

When we surveyed the visitor’s to the LRCC in 2019, we learned a lot about who our users are! They are mostly small families coming from all over the city (some because of the Rapid Transit line!), and most were from the Lord Roberts, Riverview and Fort Garry communities. They are coming to the LRCC because of the bike hub, sports, daycare and camps. And what they want to see more of are work shops, game nights, fitness classes, cultural cooking classes, arts and crafts, and more social events to meet other people. We can and will do that!

What’s going on at LRCC?

With approximately 10,000 square feet of heated and rentable space, spread over 10 specialized rooms, the LRCC hosts a wide range of programs and activities. These spaces include a full height gymnasium with all the sporting needs you need, a wall-to-wall mirrored dance studio with ballet barre, a cool recreation room with pool and foosball tables, television, kitchenette, couches and a myriad of games and accessories, and a formal meeting room for your organizations important decisions, and a full size turn key commercial kitchen and serving area. We also initiated and run other unique community services, including a very popular Manitoba Harvest distribution centre, Winnipeg Lighthouse program drop-in site, and the South Osbourne Bike Hub. Our outdoor facilities include two full size baseball diamonds, soccer pitches, and two outdoor rinks (with private dressing rooms). Our paved rink hosts a number of summer events including the South Osbourne farmers market.

These efforts appeal to a very wide audience, and in total attract nearly 50,000 people to the LRCC each year.

The Big Picture. We Listened. We Acted

The Lord Roberts Community Centre wants to build on our foundation of programming, to expand and meet all the new needs of our growing and dynamic community. However, the truth of the matter is, a community centre is only as strong as its membership, volunteers and sponsors. Like all community centres in Winnipeg, the LRCC is funded in part by the City of Winnipeg, but relies on other programming grants, registration fees and sponsors to balance our budgets. This is an effort led by the volunteers on our board of directors, and staff that are committed to maintaining the legacy of community centres.

We are coming to you today to invite your support for the Lord Roberts Community Centre. By investing in the LRCC, you or your business will be recognized for taking a leadership position in our community, and actively contributing to the health and sustainability of our community centre and its users. Your support will be appreciated by both the Lord Roberts community, and all the communities within the larger Fort Rouge district.

We would love to have a conversation with you to discuss the options we’ve prepared for you to consider regarding how and where you would like to see your support recognized through signage at the centre, and our online platforms.

Let’s Talk More

Glenn Friesen, LRCC
phone: 204-77-7266
email: glennyf@hotmail.com