The Board meets once every month, on the second Monday of each month, in the club’s boardroom, in order to exchange information needed by Board members for decision making, and to operate the club to the best of the membership’s ability.

The Board consists of elected members. The elected positions are a President, a Past President, one or more Vice-President(s), a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Special Events Coordinator, one or more Soccer Convenor(s), one or more Hockey Convenor(s), a Canteen Manager and a House and Grounds Manager. Each position has its own responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of the community centre.

Board Membership is renewed once every year in March, when all positions become vacant, and a newly elected membership takes over at the annual general meeting of the community centre. The Board of Directors is at the helm of everything the community centre does, without the Board, the club cannot be.


  • Kendra Lea Isleifson – President
  • Bob Suggitt– 1st VP
  • Deborah Dutka – 2nd VP
  • Willow Breer – 3rd VP
  • David Woods – Treasurer
  • Jaret Olford – Past President
  • Vacant – Secretary
  • Jason Pope – Canteen Manager
  • Jason Kelly – Member-at-large
  • Glenn Friesen – Member-at-large
  • Vacant – Member-at-large

Annual general meeting

Our annual general meeting (AGM) generally takes place every winter. Our most recent AGM happened on March 13, 2018.

Our fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31. Our AGM is when we report on our finances and programs from the previous year. The AGM is where our Board elections take place. It is also when we provide our annual report.

You can read earlier annual reports here:

  • Annual report for 2018 (link to PDF copy)
  • Annual report for 2017 (link to PDF copy)
  • Annual report for 2016 (link to PDF copy)
  • Annual report for 2015 (link to PDF copy)
  • Annual report for 2014 (link to PDF copy)