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Report – Lord Roberts Priority Setting Workshop 2013

A facilitated Public Workshop was hosted by Councillor Jenny Gerbasi, with assistance from the Board of Lord Roberts Community Centre, on November 20, 2013 at the Fort Rouge Leisure Centre. The purpose was to discuss how our community might use the $500,000 in funding being made available, over the next 5 years, by the developer of the Fort Rouge Yards, for recreation and infrastructure improvements.

The next step is for Councillor Gerbasi to take the suggestions to City staff for some analysis of potential cost and feasibility. Ultimately, the public service will bring recommendations forward to City Council for approval.

Here is the Facilitator’s report from the Workshop.

The event was positive and productive. Many great ideas were brought forward, and there seemed to be broad support for 3 general areas, as you will see.

The primary focus will be on suggestions that garnered the broad support of those present, and which fit the scope of recreation and infrastructure. However, the event was also a great opportunity to meet neighbours, to hear about their ideas, and to brainstorm about some projects that may take become possible through the “human capital” that exists in our community. Note too, that some of the ideas brought forward may be possible to finance, in whole, or in part, from other, currently existing sources, and that Councillor Gerbasi, and the Community Centre Board will give some thought to what other sources of funding are available.

Click here to download the workshop report (PDF format).