Youth Care Practitioners, Fitness Instructors,  a Bookkeeper, a Hall Rentals Coordinator, Ice Maintence and cleaning crew are positions that the community centre hires employees for. All community centre employees are required to complete a criminal record check and a child-abuse registry check prior to beginning employment, and should be fully bondable.

Youth Care Practitioners are hired during the summer months, and will work on a part-time only basis from September to December and then from January to June, unless otherwise specified at the time of hiring. There are generally two Recreation Technician positions to fill. These are demanding, role-model positions that must ensure the safety of the children attending our evening drop-in hours, during four weekdays, and including both weekday daytime hours (for Christmas and Spring Break only) and alternating weekend daytime hours during the winter months, when the club provides indoor access to those enjoying the outdoor skating rinks. These Recreation Technicians are expected to be good team players, must have demonstrated ability to communicate in a team environment, be customer-service oriented, and enjoy working with children, while being able to exert authority when/where it is required.

The community centre currently has Recreation Technicians employed and is not seeking applications at this time.

The Bookkeeper is an accounting position, helping the Treasurer keep the financial records of the community centre, and providing consistency to its financial operations.

*The community centre currently has a Bookkeeper employed and is not seeking applications at this time.

The Hall Rentals Coordinator administers all aspects of community centre rentals. In addition, this position trains and backs up the Recreation Technicians and cleaning crew employed by the centre. The position is remunerated on a commission basis.

*The community centre currently has a Hall Rentals Coordinator employed and is not seeking applications at this time.

The community centre has a cleaning crew that ensures the cleanliness of our club’s indoor area. This crew is responsible for regular cleaning as well as the huge undertaking of spring and fall cleaning. The members of the cleaning crew are expected to have great attention to detail and to have the ability to undertake and complete all cleaning for the club. Experience is an asset, but not required. The community centre currently has a cleaning crew employed and is not seeking applications for a new crew at this time.