Many volunteers are required to assist with the duties of the Board of Directors for Lord Roberts Community Centre. Volunteers are needed by the Canteen Manager in order to have the Canteen operate in the manner that is required, both on a day-to-day basis, and as well during functions that the club is host to. The Special Events Coordinator requires volunteers in order to assist with planning, organizing and with carrying out special events throughout the course of the year. The Sports Convener(s) will need the help of coaches in order to assist in planning, organizing and carrying out the various sports programs offered by the community centre. Volunteers are the backbone of the community centre, and without them, the Board of Directors cannot operate the club.

Some positions may require background checks.

Areas of Need

Casual commitment

  • special events committee
  • event assistance: tickets, food prep, cleanup, etc
  • facility maintenance and groundskeeping (tradesperson/handyman ideal)
  • kids sports coaching (often parents of registered kids)
  • to sell snacks in the canteen
  • communications and outreach (anything from graphic design to postering to photography)

Greater commitment:

  • grant research and/or fundraising
  • coordination of new programs for kids, teens, adults or seniors
  • volunteer coordination
  • Board of Directors
  • music, skating or fitness instruction
  • workshop leadership

How to become a volunteer

Volunteer orientations are scheduled a number of times throughout the year.. If you are interesting in attending, contact 204-452-9744. We’ll take you on a tour of the building so you can see what positions are available, and learn about how things work. Just call to make other arrangements.