Many volunteers are required to assist with the duties of the Board of Directors for Lord Roberts Community Centre. Volunteers are needed by the Canteen Manager in order to have the Canteen operate in the manner that is required, both on a day-to-day basis, and as well during functions that the club is host to. The Special Events Coordinator requires volunteers in order to assist with planning, organizing and with carrying out special events throughout the course of the year. The Sports Convener(s) will need the help of coaches in order to assist in planning, organizing and carrying out the various sports programs offered by the community centre. Volunteers are the backbone of the community centre, and without them, the Board of Directors cannot operate the club.

Some positions may require background checks.

Click here for a letter from the Board regarding volunteer bonds.

Lord Roberts Community Centre Volunteer Bond

  • LRCC’s volunteer bond is an initiative in order to alleviate volunteer deficits for the Community Centre for child and youth programs, sports and events.

What is it?

  • The volunteer bond will be a per family deposit in the amount of $100 at the point that a parent or guardian registers a child or children for a program or team sport that is hosted by LRCC. As a means of supporting the efforts and resources required to host teams and run events at LRCC, the family of registered children will be required to commit to four(4) hours of volunteer time during the LRCC program year.
  • The deposit is collected in the form of post-dated cheque (1-year), and held by the LRCC until the volunteer hours commitment is met. Cheques for spring & summer programming will be post-dated to March 31 the following year, and cheques for fall and winter programming will be dated to October 31 the following year.
  • The four-hour volunteer commitment can be split between more then one parent or guardian within the same family unit. The volunteer hours can be committed to one event (ex. Fall Festival) or team sport (mini soccer, basketball tournament, etc), or spread over multiple events or teams.
  • If the family is unable to commit the required hours, or chooses not to, then the $100 deposit will be credited to a fund that will be used to hire staff to help during the events and team sports hosted by LRCC.
  • The volunteer bond is not a means to generate new revenue for the centre but to raise awareness of the need for volunteers and ideally make it easier for parents and guardians to get involved as volunteers at LRCC.

Who does the bond apply to?

  • The Volunteer Bond applies to all families that register for Child (3-8) and Youth (9-18) sports and programs.

Who is eligible to volunteer?

  • The parents and/or guardians of the child or youth.

What volunteer roles count towards the bond and who should I report my hours to?

  • Volunteering at any LRCC planned programs and events would could towards the bond. This includes, but its not limited to helping plan events, volunteering at events, volunteering at the canteen, being an activity convener (sports, games, etc), coaching, team manager, general community center maintenance, ice making, and any other role approved by the volunteer coordinator. All volunteer hours shall be reported to the volunteer coordinator.

What if my child is transferred to another club to play?

  • If your child is transferred to another club to play a specific sport the family will be required to satisfy the Volunteer Bond.

What if a child is transferred to the LRCC to play?

  • If your child is transferred to LRCC from another club to play a specific sport the family will not be required to satisfy the Volunteer Bond.

How do volunteers sign-up to do hours?

  • Throughout the year there will be emails asking for volunteers for certain events and you will be directed accordingly to sign up. Further, you can contact the LRCC Volunteer Coordinator for other opportunities if available.

What are the effective Bond Program dates?

  • April 1st and November 1st.
  • Anyone who pays the bond for spring registration has until the following April 1st to complete hours.
  • Anyone who pays the bond for fall registration has until the following November 1st to complete hours.

Can I get part credit for my Volunteer Bond?

  • No, in order to satisfy your bond, you need to complete all four (4) hours, there is no partial reimbursement or credit.

Can hours be transferred to another Volunteer Bond family?

  • No, hours must be completed by the family to which the volunteer bond applies to.

Can I Appeal, if I did not get credit for my bond?

  • Yes, all appeals need to be emailed to the President of the Board no later than one month past the effective bond program dates. (Dec 1 or May 1).
  • All appeals will be brought to the Board for final decision.
  • The appeal must include:
    • Your Name
    • Address
    • Child’s name
    • Your Volunteer Role with dates
    • Hours Volunteered
    • Person you reported your hours to

Volunteer Positions and Duties (examples only)

  • Registration Desk: collect guest registrations and hand to event organizer or board.
  • Drink Tickets & Silent Auction: sell drink and auction/contest tickets at the door. Count change correctly, and act as responsible party for the cash box, until the next volunteer takes over or the event organizer or board takes the box.
  • 50/50: sell tickets to event guests, draw the winning tickets as necessary. Count change correctly, and act as responsible party for the cash box, until the next volunteer takes over or the event organizer or board takes the box.
  • Bag Check: collect and maintain a secure location for checked guest coats/bags.
  • Main Hall Set-up: set up tables, table clothes, chairs, stage, projector, screens, speakers and other items as necessary.
  • Audio/Visual: responsible for setup, operation, and take down of all A/V equipment used. Guide other volunteers in the operation of the equipment.
  • Kitchen Prep: Volunteers will help set up tables and chairs in the hall. Site Contact for details: Angie Johnson.
  • Cooks: prepare, cook and deliver food to hot plates on hall tables, wash dishes
  • Kitchen Help/Cleanup: prepare food for cooking, wash dishes, sweep and wash floors.
  • Bartenders: responsibly serve soft and hard drinks to guests.
  • Photographer: photograph guests and the event as required.
  • Table Runners: clean up dirty dishes from tables, and return to kitchen.
  • Canteen: serve customers items ordered from the canteen. Count change correctly, and act as responsible party for the cash box, until the next volunteer takes over or the event organizer or board takes the box.
  • Hall Cleanup: clean and put away tables, chairs and other items in the main hall, and sweep and wash floors. Help in Kitchen if needed.
  • Chaperones: parents of children attending and/or individuals 18 years of age and older that ensure the safety of the youth/minors at the event or in the program.
  • Bike Hub: Help with bike repair, cleaning shop, etc.

Areas of Need

Casual commitment

  • special events committee
  • event assistance: tickets, food prep, cleanup, etc
  • facility maintenance and groundskeeping (tradesperson/handyman ideal)
  • kids sports coaching (often parents of registered kids)
  • to sell snacks in the canteen
  • communications and outreach (anything from graphic design to postering to photography)

Greater commitment:

  • grant research and/or fundraising
  • coordination of new programs for kids, teens, adults or seniors
  • volunteer coordination
  • Board of Directors
  • music, skating or fitness instruction
  • workshop leadership

How to become a volunteer

If you are interesting in volunteering, contact 204-452-9744 or email or stop by for a tour of the building so you can see what positions are available, and learn about how things work. Just call to make other arrangements.