The LRCC was pleased to learn this fall that we were the successful recipients of $100,000 from the City of Winnipeg’s Community Centre Renovation Grant! Board members actively discussed and planned to apply for the highest priority repairs and upgrades during the summer months, and submitted our proposal in September. The funding will go towards much needed upgrades to the main ice rink east of the LRCC centre, replacing all exterior lights and the gym lights with high efficiency LED fixtures, and repairing and painting the exterior of the community centre’s three buildings.

We’re excited to give our centre a much needed refresh, to be the centre and pride of our community!

As everyone has likely experienced, budgets don’t always go as far as we want them, and the same is likely for us as well. We anticipate that we’ll need a few extra hands for smaller jobs such as repairing a few boards and painting the boards in the rink, so if you’re interested in chipping in some of your time, while hanging out and meeting your neighbours, please reach out!