The City of Winnipeg wants to hear from YOU about your traffic concerns and ideas for traffic improvements in the Lord Roberts neighbourhood.

Thanks in part to the lobbying of the South Osborne Residents Group, the City is undertaking a traffic study in our area. Via a survey and a public workshop event to be rolled out in the next couple of months, folks who live, work, go to school and play in Lord Roberts will be asked to share their views on improving neighbourhood safety and quality of life with respect to traffic.

Worried about vehicles blowing through stop signs? Speeding in school and daycare zones? Parking on residential streets? Want to see better active transportation options? Traffic calming? The traffic study is an opportunity to have your say. Note that the City says the regional streets (Osborne and Jubilee) are not in the scope of this study – no doubt their impact on the neighbourhood will be noted by residents however.

A Public Advisory Committee comprising residents and representatives from other entities such as business and the school, has been struck and will be working to encourage your participation, to compile and strategize about the ideas brought to the table, and to hold the City accountable for good public process. A Technical Advisory Committee of City departments will help to gather data and cost out the possible solutions that are brought forward.

Budgetary realities at the City of Winnipeg being what they are, we know from the outset that this study and its outcomes will probably not satisfy all the wishes we residents may have for traffic improvements. (Personally, I’ve always like the idea of a bike/pedestrian bridge over the tracks for example!) But this is a good opportunity to speak up about concerns, to share ideas with neighbours and decision-makers, and to work together to improve this aspect of life in Lord Roberts.

Please stay tuned for news on the survey and the workshop – and tell your friends and neighbours to get involved.

More information about the study may be found on the City’s website:

– Anne Lindsey, Lord Roberts Community Centre representative on the Public Advisory Committee.